May 19, 2017

Still working for you!...

Still prospecting for some of you for the highest-quality prints... I may have found a photo lab and the perfect paper (I fell for an Hahnemühle)! Their dimensions are going to be a bit bigger than the cards' so that they could be framed...


  1. Dear Tilly,
    I have been looking forward to this so much!! My favourite of your pictures is the last one from March 19 though... the one with the helleborus bouquet on the table outside. Would love to buy this one, do you think this might be possible?

  2. Hello my dear Ulla, and thank you! This photograph will be available in the shop next week! But if you rather like 'the Helleborus', I can have it printed by the photo lab'...

  3. Oh yes, please. Thank you.