March 20, 2015

Back home...

Sorry for the short delay in the Land{e}scape orders placed between the 16th and the 19th of march... I've had to spend a few days in hospital. Don't worry, I'm alright now. Everything is getting back to normal. My mom is around, helping me with the Land{e}scape orders and the everyday tasks...
Désolée pour le petit retard dans les commandes Land{e}scape placées entre le 16 et le 19 mars... J'ai dû être hospitalisée quelques jours. Les choses devraient rentrer dans la normale d'ici la fin du weekend... Belle journée à tous!


  1. I am sorry to hear that you had to go to hospital, and am glad you are ok now! I wish for a quick and complete recovery, and hope you can enjoy the spring sunshine in your beautiful neck of the woods!


  2. Oh dear Tilly, take good care of yourself! Those flowers are more than beautiful. Is it a helleborus? Sending get well soon wishes

    1. Thank you my dear Ulla.... Yes these are helleborus from my garden... They're drying now in a special box...

  3. Oh! Thank you! I can wait to see daffodils, the green grass in our fields next door, and the particular fragrance of this season...

  4. Désolée pour ce petit impromptu et moi qui vous croyait en vacances, take care et profitez bien du printemps, amitiés, Martine

  5. Merci Martine... Très belle journée aujourd'hui, grand soleil...