January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear friends! I hope all is well with you and that you had a wonderful holiday time... Mine was, thanks to you. 
 Land{e}scape has still gained many new customers this year. Then I want to address you a deep thank you...Thank you for listening to my stories. And thank you for trusting my work. Have a sweet and merry and happy new year 2015 my dear friends!
 /// Traduction///
Bonne Année à tous! J'espère que vous allez bien et que vous avez passé de bonnes fêtes... Les miennes ont été merveilleuses, et ce grâce à vous. Land{e}scape a séduit de nouveaux clients cette année. Je voudrais donc profiter de ce petit message pour vous remercier chaleureusement... Merci de prendre le temps d'écouter les histoires que je vous propose. Merci de croire en mon travail. Merci d'avoir fait le choix de soutenir un designer indépendant en ces périodes de fêtes. Merci pour les p'tits mots que vous m'adressez ici et là... Portez vous bien. Tenez-vous au chaud. Je vous souhaite une très très belle année 2015!...


  1. Do you live in this village? Very envious of your northern French life . . . everything is so quaint !

  2. Thank you Michelle ! Yes,this is the tiny village I live in. But our house is not in the picture. We live a few miles away, in the middle of a wide field...

    1. Tilly, just WOW! That is the life! My husband speaks fluent French and it is a dream of ours to live in the french countryside. Immigration is really stringent though, without a job offer of some kind. Are you native French?

  3. Yes, I'm native French... I didn't know it was that complicated to come and live in our country. In our village, we count a couple from New-Zealand, and four others from Belgium... They all own a B&B (we're on the road to Compostelle)...

  4. From what we understand it's easier if you are trying to immigrate from another European country. I think it is pretty complicated to immigrate to a lot of counties, which is understandable. Maybe one day! Until then I'll come to your blog and dream. ;-)