June 6, 2013

Busy bee...

 I've been working on a little something these past few days... I'll tell you a bit more later. Have a nice afternoon!


  1. sorry tilly that i seem to repeat myself every time i write you a note in here but i have to use the word again:
    that first image is FULL OF TREASURES, gosh i want it all : )))

  2. ps: tiny buds on my peonies now : ))

  3. ahahah! thank you vibeke! i'll never be tired of reading your nice comments, promise! it feels good after a hard day at work to come back home and find a lovely comment in your mailbox...
    you may get some of these little treasures in your future snail mail. Yesterday went in the woods and picked a few things for you...

    ps: tiny mini buds on my peonies too!

  4. i am so happy that you gifted me a card with that first image on because i find it heaveny beautiful
    i also LOVED the barn card...they are both decorating on my wall now..