December 4, 2012

Mohair, flowers and lace...

Mohair is a special material to me. It is a sentimental texture. It recalls me the sweaters grandma Juliet used to knit for me and my dolls when I was little. 
But  it also brings me back to my college years. Mohair, flowers and lace... They were in every single project I made. In a certain way, it's comforting. Even if I've been wandering a lot lately, I haven't lost my path.
I hadn't really thought about that until I found these images in my computer. Made me smile.

 These images are extracted from an old college portfolio. At the time I was working on wandering clothes and clothes to wander...

I don't usually get that personal but I don't know... Some of you may be indie makers like me, and you know that harsh times and doubts are part of the job. So when something  positive happens, you're glad to share!

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