March 10, 2011

Behind the scene...

Sorry for being such a baaaad blogger lately... I haven't posted as many messages as I wanted to. My hands have been very busy these past few days... I'm currently working on a rug. A special one...
If it ends well, I might submit it to a huge huge contest by the end of the month.But I still have plenty to do! 

I must say that all this is pretty new to me. It's a strange thing, a strange feeling. A source of great pressure and grand delight at the same time and I'd be glad to share this experience with you. I know I like seeing the process-making of things. The way they're made, the way they're designed.  I enjoy being behind the scene

Hope you'll enjoy the journey... Here are a few pictures I took a few days ago. These layers of lace are the structure of the rug.


  1. C'est beau, on a envie d'en voir et savoir plus!

  2. ahahahah! merci Radzimire! promis promis je ferai des photos demain!